"I am an Ohio State K9 evaluator,  and assistant trainer/ vice president for the Police K-9 Association (PK9A) based out of Canton, Ohio.  We are one of the largest training organizations in our area with up to forty police K9 teams under our responsibility  Teams that train with us have registered thousands of apprehensions and hundreds of apprehensions with a bite. PK9A trainers regularly replicate scenarios that our officers have been involved in, and we also regularly send our officers to scenario based courses given throughout the country. The Tactical K9 Applications scenario based training our officers received from Direct Action K-9 was not only some of the most realistic situational training I have seen, but also some of the most necessary and unique training we have attended.  Topics covered by the Direct Action K9 trainers help you to prepare you and your partner for violent and worst case scenario type confrontations through simulation, observation and evaluation. Members of the Direct Action K9 staff are some of the most knowledgeable, experienced and approachable trainers I have worked with.  We continue to use many of the scenarios, equipment recommendations, and training points that we learned at their course with our K9 Teams to this day.  I would add their class to any training you may be considering this year.  It will change your mindset."  

Karl Milam

SWAT Integration Course "When we began the process of attempting to integrate a K9 into our SWAT Team, we struggled with developing TTP's which were effective.  We felt the common practices employed across the nation did not utilize the K9 in the best way. We turned to Jean-Claude and the team from Direct Action K9. This decision turned out to be pivotal for us, as the lessons we learned from Jean-Claude became the foundation for our SWAT K9 program.  Direct Action K9 is run by men who have years of experience handling dogs in a tactical environment in some of the most dangerous spots in the world. If you're serious about developing a tactical K9 capability, I wouldn't hesitate to use Direct Action K9."

Brian H.
Guilford County Sheriff’s Office

"I’ve been an operator on our SWAT team for 13 years and have worked a dual purpose K9 for the past 7 years. I met Jean-Claude at the Ohio Tactical Officers Association conference about 5 years ago when I participated in a 4-day Tactical K9 course that he was instructing. I was blown away by the professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication exhibited by Jean-Claude and the DAK9 instructors. They combined their “real life” tactical experiences as SF K9 operators with tactical applications needed for today’s SWAT/K9 teams. I learned invaluable lessons and tools needed to not only be a better police officer, but a more tactically sound and efficient SWAT/K9 operator. Throughout the course, students were reminded that you’re a police officer before you’re a K9 handler (not every situation calls for a dog). This still resonates with me as I often remind myself of this on the street. I highly recommend this course and look forward to advancing my skills through any of DAK9’s courses in the future." 

Police Specialist Mike Harper
Cincinnati Police Department SWAT/K9 Team